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I am that rare creature known locally as "a Native San Diegan". I graduated from San Diego State University in 1997 with a B.A. in something not writing related and tacked on a minor in something also not writing related. I enjoyed a three year stint in San Francisco during the dot-com boom years and have always been an advocate of independent media.

My requisite list of amusing work experience includes such gems as reservation agent, landscape maintenance specialist, gymnastics coach, computer repair tech, restaurant manager, game designer, technical writer, web designer and marketing director. My true day job for the past 17 years has been in telecommunications where, yes, your awful cell phone reception is my fault.

With regard to fiction writing, I stubbornly defy creative classification. My completed-but-unpublished titles include works of contemporary satire, science fiction, zombie/supernatural, and a fantasy novel. I decided to pursue the Western first to completion because... well, it just seemed like a fine way to test the waters of independent publishing.

I am aware that "Western" is not a blockbuster genre and that the die-hard fans love their formula plots. What I am shooting for with this series is to bring conspiracy and suspense to the Western recipe and reach out to a group of readers that would usually give this genre a pass. As to credentials, what I lack in cowboy chops I have strived to counter with Google, Wikipedia and a healthy imagination. I was also once the world record holder on the NES console game 'Wild Gunman', and that's got to count for something.

I currently live just east of San Diego with my amazing wife (an attorney who is requesting a legal thriller) and two wonderful kids (who would like a series about unicorns and muscle cars.)

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