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March 20, 2015 - Finishing the book was the priority, but next I will update this section with some character and location information to help you stay current with the who's-who and what's-what of this universe.
More to follow!


Matthew Carter comes to the violent boomtown of Darwin one job away from leaving his troubled past behind. When his mentor is murdered, he must choose between running and staying on to find the stash of gold that could mean his redemption. Caught in a firestorm between the competing wills of a legendary lawman, a corrupt rail baron and a vengeful Colonel, Matthew rides hard with the fear that his last job may turn out to be just that.

This is the first episode of a western saga presented in serial format. Matthew's flight from danger introduces some of the players in this suspense filled version of the Old West and sets the train moving through what will become a six volume story arc of grand conspiracy and twisted allegiance.

Why a Western?
The Story Behind the Novel

I am writer of fiction. If pressed for specifics back in 2009, I would have clarified that statement with descriptions of science fiction, fantasy, or perhaps satirical humor. When propositioned by my good friends (the root of most good tales) to rough out some chapters of Western related material, I saw it as mere mental exercise. Loose paragraphs scribbled in jest became pages. Handwritten pages soon became coherent chapters. Casual research morphed into inspiration and along the path, wrapped up in the chisel and grind of creation, I stumbled upon that sacred nugget - the Story That Has To Be Told.

My father-in-law, a Western novel junkie, lured me to browse his collection of well-read Western pulp novels. I burned through stacks of material: the classics of Louis L'Mouir, Zane Grey, Max Brand, and contemporary works like the myriad William Johnstone series. In the spine of each book I saw something worth preserving, something worth the effort to pursue down a time worn track.

True, casting a Western novel onto today's marketplace is a fool's errand. The bookstore shelf space for Western titles seems to dwindle even as you stand before it. The Western genre is, often rightfully, stereotyped as a matinee performance, a one-dimensional jaunt between heroes and villains lost in the time stream. I refuse to accept that paradigm. I believe history is too rich to be stereotyped and glossed over. Power brokers were not invented in the dot-com boom, political drama was not founded by satellite and subterfuge is not a digital concept, it just took more finesse in the days of the telegraph.

Thank you for stopping by the site. I look forward to entertaining you with my suspense novel. Or rather, I hope you enjoy my tale of intrigue. Or, if you will allow it, enjoy the Western.

- C. Falk

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